Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Is turmeric the preferred alternative to mainstream Anti- Depressants?

Billions of people around the globe are suffering from Depressive disorders affecting their social life, at work and school performance, their family, and physical health. While multiple options are available for the treatment of depressive disorders to combat the symptoms associated with depression, they carry side effects as well. The major side effects are the sleeping disorders, fatigue, memory loss and others.

Research has shown that turmeric is the best alternative to its medicinal counterparts in medicines with a friction of Cost.
Luckily there are very few side effects with the use of turmeric in comparison to its medicinal alternatives.

  • Research has confirmed that Curcumin stems are having the valuable ingredients that inhibit the monoamine oxidase enzyme that is majorly related to the symptoms associated with depression. At the same time, Curcumin also raises the dopamine and serotonin levels in the human brain that leads to the feelings of calm and wellbeing.

With the regular use of Curcumin, the suffers from depression have experienced major recovery fro the symptoms associated with depression.
  • Although it will take time further to further to collect data and statistics to analyze the effectiveness of turmeric in depression, however, it is very good news for the health conscious people that now a very cheap alternative is available for the cure of depression.


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