Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What are the two major solutions for Laziness?

I will answer this question from two aspects.
Behavioral aspect
The solution of laziness is
·         Be hopeful and motivated: Sometimes we lose hope and get depressed. When someone develops the feeling that the things will never go in a better way, it creates laziness better to call it demotivation. So, remain motivated and hopeful.

·         Fear: You have the fear that you will do something wrong if you try to cope with a particular situation and your this fear keeps you away from the actions, so you become lazy. Over some the fear by doing the things in a step by step way. The success of one step will keep you motivated for another step.
Health Aspects
There are some health conditions that result in laziness, you can call it tiredness or fatigue. Overcome these health conditions to enable yourself to act. These health conditions that need to be overcome to fight laziness are,

·         Anemia, the deficiency of red blood cells in the blood.
·         Thyroid issues: insufficient hormonal health.
·         Depression: lack of hope.

·         Joint disorders.
·         Diabetes.
·         Arthritis.

·         Sleep disturbances.


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