Friday, 5 August 2016

Can you alter your Moon face to an oval one by Yoga or exercise?

One thing is most important, that is your face structure is genetically determined and the exercises to tone your face muscle have only modest effects on your face structure to be changed from a moon one to oval or rectangular one. However, it is also a fact that after your weight loss your face is the first place when people will feel a difference.

  • To slim your face you are in need to slim your body first and for this, you have to cut your calories intake, will exercise regularly and have to opt for a more positive and healthy lifestyle reducing stress, having sound and enough sleep etc.

A weekly exercise of 250 minutes per day causes healthy weight loss and is also the recommended by experts. By this way, it is a 35- 40 minutes exercise on daily basis.
  • Opt for the changes mentioned, you will lose weight and your face will also, it will look more attractive than before.

Yoga is also effective in bringing mild to moderate effects upon your face to alter it to oval or rectangular shape.
  • If you are already having a healthy body weight, then do not try further to reduce the fats in your body further just to have a slimmer face.

Certain makeup tricks and hairstyle can help you to have a temporary slimmer face, but they will only be occasional.

Certain Medications causes moon face: Steroids use causes the moon face, avoid it if you want to have a slimmer face.
The point which is most important in this discussion is that Genetics of your face structure cannot be altered. You can protect it, can mildly make it slimmer.


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