Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Does a fruit make you fat?

Fruits are packed with nutrients and helps you in building a balanced and healthy life. Additionally, almost all fruits are loaded with fibres that give you a sense of fullness and inhibit your appetite the natural way, so they help in weight loss.
  • Excesses of calories make you fat no matter from where you are getting it. So, in the sense that if you are getting the extra calories from excesses of eating fruits then it makes you fat, like eating excesses of anything.

Secondly, if you eat more calories containing fruits like Banana,s then you are more prone to gain weight than that of fewer caloric food like strawberry.

  • Additional factors in fruits and their association with weight gain, here are the additional factors that may interlink, I am using the word, May because these are not agreed among all the food experts, fruits and weight gain.

Fruits contain fructose and some experts believe that it causes weight gain. The top reason for it is that increase insulin resistance and that leads to elevated levels of blood sugar levels and weight gain.
  • The second reason that favours that fruits lead to weight gain is that fructose lowers the amount of insulin that releases in response to meals which lowers the circulating levels of enzyme Leptin. Leptin gives us a feeling of fullness along with some other body factors. Lowering levels of leptin enhance the concentration of Ghrelin, the enzyme responsible for the feeling of hunger. Thus we eat more and are more prone to weight gain.

Still, fruits are best options to eat as dessert as comparatively, it contains less amount of sugars, for example, one apple contains 90 calories, that is 13 Gm of fructose. If you compare the same with the same size of the cake, 20- Ounce, it contains 240 calories and 56 gm of sugar, 23 gm in this 56 gm is fructose sugar.

  • So, eat fruits it does not gain fats, but eat in moderation. Opt for selecting fruits as desserts too sweet dishes, you will drop your calories intake and will lose weight as well.

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