Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What are the effects of hot lemon water on weight loss?

Hot lemon water with hot water by itself has slight impacts for weight loss, although we can not say that there is no impact. Reasons are that hot lemon water has the benefits of lemon water have the benefits of,

·         It’s a diuretic
·         Boost your immune system.

·         Aids in the food digestion.
·         Reduce stress levels.
·         Balances the PH
·         Clears skin and
·         Freshens your breath.
In addition, the most exciting way the lemon water will help in your weight loss is, when you use it as a drink in place of the caloric drinks that you take on a daily basis. In this case, its impacts upon weight loss are very significant. Because,
·         You will create a caloric deficit if you replace sugary beverages with hot lemon water.

·         It boosts metabolism and burns fats.
In addition, you will get the following benefits if you take hot lemon water at morning.

·         It boosts your mood.
·         Hydrates your lymph system.
·         Improves liver function and cleanse your liver.
·         Regulate bowel movement.
·         Helps in the cure of a sore throat.
·         Regulate blood pressure.
·         Helps in countering stress and depression.
·         Helps in gout pain symptoms.
·         Give relief in kidney stones.
·         Aid health in your pregnancy.

 You should remember that in the case of acid reflux it may exaggerate the issue.

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