Thursday, 4 August 2016

How Weight effect height in Teenagers?

If you are slightly overweight it will hardly affect your tallness. In this case, if you do some exercise and improve your posture then you will be of the normally expected height.
The scenario changes if you are medically obese, then, in this case, losing a significant weight will affect your posture in a positive way. In this case, the obesity will affect your height and chances are there that you do not achieve your full potential height.

Logic behinds

  •  Studies were conducted to document the changes in the intervertebral disc height after weight loss of medically obese individuals and the results found a significant height increase after weight loss.

Most important is that even a moderate weight loss can also affect your height significantly.
  • Maybe the second possible explanation is that if you are overweight then you will restrict to low caloric diets and in this way, you will not achieve your full potential height.

Activities and exercises are also affected negatively by obesity so your height is affected negatively with more weight.

  • Standing erect and make it a habit effects height naturally and the posture is affected negatively by more weight, is another theoretical explanation that weight effects tallness in a reverse order.

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