Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to lose belly fat without exercise and dieting.

Here are some tips that can help you,
Drink more water, if you take adequate amount of water on daily basis, if you take 6 to eight glasses of water per day, you will lose four inches at your belly section.

Have schedule seating at the bathroom, although the majority of us do not want to talk about it, having a regularly scheduled commode timing helps in avoiding the bloating and constipation.  Avoiding bloating and constipation reduces the belly mass and you look slimmer in the midsection of your body.

Take probiotic enrich food, yoghurt is the best option. Probiotic enhances your gut health and it helps in avoiding food cravings as well. Probiotics keep the belly inner parts stomach and intestine healthy and are the major prerequisite for a fallen belly.

Eat without electronic distractions: When you pay attention to what you eat, it helps you to eat fewer calories. When you eat while watching TV, so video game or texting on a cell phone, then you lost the track of your eating. This, in turn, results in taking extra calories and you eat more than required by your body. Avoiding this habit can help you to lose weight.

Chew thoroughly and slow down, faster eaters are more challenged for their weight loss than slow eaters. The reason is that brain needs to get the signalling of have gotten enough food. When you eat slowly and chew it thoroughly, it will help your inner to make a decision of being full, with more accuracy.

Use smaller dining plates, in smaller plates portion, looks big, while same food in larger plates looks small. This diverts you. When you use smaller plates then you can more accurately control your portion control without getting distracted.

Have a 30-minute walk, walking is easy, manage for it. Do a 30-minute walking, better is to do it at early morning before breakfast, it will help you a lot in your weight loss. Secondly, it keeps you fresh the day round and by this way, Cortisol production is inhibited. Cortisol within your body creates weight loss resistance by multiple ways.

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