Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Top 07 best ways for weight loss.

Green tea: Green tea have multiple health benefits and same is for weight loss as well. Green tea boosts your metabolism and helps you to burn more fats. You can burn 60 extra calories a day by taking green tea three to four times daily.
Weight training: Weight training is an excellent way for weight loss as by this you burn your more calories and hence fats. Weight training enhances your resting metabolic state and has proven results for weight loss.

Take more iron: taking more iron will help you to get more oxygen into your body and you will burn more calories. In this way, it boosts your metabolism and burns more calories that are stored in your body.
Balance your thyroid: Check your thyroid health. Inactive or underactive thyroid gland have good impacts upon weight loss as it controls your body metabolism. You must be aware that about 25% of American women have the underactive thyroid.

Lessen alcohol: When you consume Alcohol it slows your metabolism due to the malfunction of Central Nervous System.  So, food directly goes to your thighs and waist, when you consume alcohol after a heavy food. Lessen alcohol consumption will lessen your weight.

Opt for High-intensity Workout: High-intensity workout burns more calories than the regular one. Opting for the high-intensity workout will help you to burn more fats in the same time of regular training. Add regular intervals of high-intensity workout in your regular exercise, if you are jogging with a pace of 10 miles per hour, for 5 mints increase its intensity to 20 miles and then come back to the routine you are more relaxed with. Give this high-intensity boost to your workout after regular interval. It will help a lot in weight loss.
Take dairy: As per the research, the women who take three to four servings of low-fat yoghurt and low-fat cheese are 70% more prone to weight loss than those on no- dairy foods. Calcium is the switch that indicates brain to burn more fats faster.


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