Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What worked for you when you were trying to lose weight?

Before going through the talk lets first, see the most successful story of 41 kg weight loss and how it was made possible.
This is about Misty Gauthier, age 26 how have made this amazing weight loss transformation possible. What has worked for her, will, of course, helps you as well in your weight loss transformation. The highlights of this success story are as follows,
  • Skipped her favourite dinner of chicken and paste having calories contents of 2000.
  • Added Carrots and hummus as major part of their diet on regular basis.
  • While watching her favourite TV show she exercises for 50 to 60 minutes in Elliptical Machine.
  • Every day she fills up her food journal, how much calories were required this day and how much were she taken.
  • Instead of heavy creams, opted to drink low calories Almond Milk.
  • Remain stick to the decided plan of diet and exercise.

Additional things that can help you in your weight loss
Have a bigger breakfast than dinner: At morning you have all the day activities ahead of you to consume food that you have taken in the breakfast. So, take an adequate breakfast, best is bigger than the dinner. You will burn all your calories that you have taken in the form of breakfast and will avoid fatty snacks as well the day round to keep your food intake in control.
Tie a ribbon around your waist beneath the clothes
This secret is used by French women, they tie a ribbon beneath their clothes and when they are about to exceed, how much they have to eat, the tightening of the ribbon indicate them the same.

Surrounds yourself with blue
The blue colour is a natural appetite suppressant and you eat less when you eat food served in blue plates. Opt for it, it works.
Eat just three bites less

This is the easiest one tip, just three bites less every major meal. Do it very regularly by this simple and easy to carry to, you limit your calories intake and hence will lose the fats your body have.
Dine with a  vanilla scented candle
Simple, this suppresses appetite, you will consume less. Multiple trials have shown its effectiveness for weight loss. You may opt for it as well.


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