Monday, 22 August 2016

Why are you feeling more sleepy even after a full-time sleep?

I will suggest, Check your vitamin D status, Vitamin D deficiency creates sleepiness. If this is so then taking vitamin D supplementation or opt for Vitamin containing foods. These are cod liver oil, mushrooms, fish, dairy products, Tofu, and pork.
  • Secondly, as you taking some medications of depression, If it is so, consults your Doctor. Anti-depression medicines and medications for stress cause sleep disorders and-and make you sleep around the clock.

Some medications like Effexor withdrawal symptoms are also such, as you have described. Take a took it and takes Doctor consultation.

  • Deficiency of iron also generate sleepiness symptoms and restless leg syndrome, that disturbs the quality of your sleep a lot and you feel a sense of sleepiness even after you have taken full sleep overnight.

General tips to avoid such situation.
These are,
  • The first tip is that you should get not only full time of sleep but the required quality as well. The generalized guideline of seven to nine hours sleep does not apply to everyone, you may be in need of more sleep as per your body conditions. 
  • Secondly, you will be in need of more sleep as you get older. Look at the possibilities of the two points shared with you.

Look at your diet, if improper and less sleep is not the issue, the look for the possibility that your diet is draining your energy and you are feeling less active and sleepy. Some foods like eggs and oranges make you more active and alert. 

  • While others might make you drowsy. Such foods that induce drowsiness are crackers and croissants. So, make your diet plan a healthy one. Include fresh veggies and fruits in it with nuts and butter to overcome the diet factor.

Are something is mentally draining you, above certain levels stress, anxiousness and boredom produce the symptoms of sleepiness. Look at its possibilities and consult your doctor, if stress is the major reason behind these symptoms.

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