Thursday, 4 August 2016

Why are some pimples more painful than others?

Pimples that hurt more are more than only pimples. They are actually more inflamed. You know that inflammation is associated with redness, swelling and pain. So, your more inflamed pimples hurt you more than are less or not inflamed.
To understand more, let's talk about the types of Pimples.
Acne Vulgaris:
It is the most common type of Acne and has blackheads or whiteheads usually. Build one can be easily treated with the help of over the counter options of treatment.
these are basically the hair basal cavity that is clogged with oil and may be open or closed.

Blackheads are the open Comedones and commonly occurs at face skin. The black colour is the reflection of light upon these Comedones.
These are the Commons that stays closer to the surface of the skin are called whiteheads. They have comparatively more chances of inflammation due to the location of occurrence.
The most common type of Acne that is mostly inflamed and causes redness and pain.
These are also the type of Acne that is commonly inflamed. They have more resemblance with white head accompanied with a red ring around the bump.

Although many of them can be inflamed Inflammation is most common in Pustules followed by the Papules and then papules. So the three types mentioned are redder, swelled and have pain.


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