Monday, 5 September 2016

How one feel after major weight loss?

Thin= Happy----- Right.
I have asked many persons who have lost a major desired fat loss and asked the question, Is your life is perfect now, The sincere reply is NO.
If this is only the weight loss aims that will decide about your happiness, then the world will be the place of Gyms, diet centres, yoga spots and nothing more.

Although I am not, by any way ignoring the real fact that weight loss is a healthy and fit aim to work for and to achieve this, one should be happy and feel more motivated. The benefits of health, social acceptance, mobility, peer acceptance all will be at sudden boosted if someone achieves the weight loss aims.  You will feel more easy to opt for the style at your town, will feel good self-image than before and multiple more, but this is not the end of the story. You are still YOU.
Additional point is that you have still to struggle for the weight maintenance, exercise and diet to not regain the lost weight and remain fit.

Here are some comments from the people who have successfully lost 100 Pounds of weight.
Rosalia a teacher from East Stroudsburg, able to lose 103 Pounds of weight, she says, “I really thought that I have more self-confidence than before. But being thin don, t make me an outgoing person.”
There is a surprising comment by Deborah Beck Busis, a diet program coordinator, “ Sometimes people feel let down and feel sad, once they were able to lose weight. They realize that their lives are still not perfect. Solving one problem does not solve the rest.”
How people will respond,
Yes, they will praise you of your accomplishment and will acknowledge the efforts you have put to make this major weight loss happen. Sometimes you will feel very nice. Some people may criticize you even. But don, t matter of people comments, they always speak based on their relationship with food and weight. So, for these type of people, feel OK.
We feel when we haven, t  lose our weight that as husband we will be sexually more attractive to our wives, same is the feeling of the wife as well for their partner. But not MAGIC happens in this regard after a major weight loss even, believe me, it's true.

I have written a lot about weight loss at multiple forums, fully supports it, it is really the need of the day, but do not tag your life with it. If you have to love your body and yourself, love it today. No matter either you have successfully lost weight or not. Why wait for weight loss to love you.

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