Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Best options to cure double chin at home.

The reasons behind the double chin are majorly two that is you are overweight or you are getting age. These two factors put an extra layer of skin upon your chin, resulting in the double chin. Here are some simple home-based exercise , medicine,  and some nutritional applications upon your chin, for the cure.

Tongue Press
 This is an effective double chin exercise and helps in the cure of it.

How to do this,
  • Stand up straight with neck and head straight.
  • Raise your head to see the ceiling.
  • Press your mouth toward the ceiling.
  • With our rounding your upper back, press your tongue against the chin.
  • Come to your original position.

This exercise gives straight to your chin,s muscle and helps for the disappearance of a double line of the chin.
Neck rotation
 Neck rotation can help you to burn the fat of your chin and to cure the double chin.
Tennis Ball
Place a tennis ball beneath your chin and hold it tight. Now press your chin against the ball and hold it for five to ten second, then relax it.
Repeat the same exercise twice in morning and evening and it will reduce your double chin fat.
FDA has recently approved a new Medicine
 Khybella for the cure of double chin. This medicine of double chin cure have passed the initial trails criteria and is expected that soon it will be available in the Market.
The massage with nutritional laden oils and gels will decrease the ageing factors of your skin and will help you to cure double chin. These are,
Wheat Germ Oil 
Wheat germ oil is the richest source of Vitamin E and gives elasticity and strength to the chin muscles and helps in reducing its double line. Apply wheat germ oil on your chin at night and wash away with warm water at morning.

Alternatively, you can apply Vitamin E capsule oil on your chin as well.
Green tea
 Green tea is the richest source of antioxidants and helps a lot in reducing the fat of chin, thus helps you in its cure. Additionally, it has good anti-inflammatory properties as well, which reduce the body swelling and redness. You can also opt for the application of used green tea bags upon your chin.

Honey Melon
 is the better source of Vitamin C having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, apply its juice on your chin. You can also get the benefits by eating honey melons in your routine diet.

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