Friday, 2 September 2016

These foods make Acne Worsen.

Basic rules for deciding what food will worsen its symptoms are,
  • High sugar foods.
  • High-fat foods.
  • High Glycemic foods.

Unhealthy foods that disturb hormonal imbalance.

Additionally, skin is the reflection of your inner body health, if you are taking healthy and nutritious foods to maintain your health and fitness the same will be reflected in your skin as well.
Now please note that the following foods will worsen your symptoms of Acne.
Chocolates, Though there are controversies in the opinion about either chocolate worsen the symptoms of acne or not, however, the multiple observations have reported more Acne Symptoms in individuals eating high sugar/ high fats foods lime chocolates that those who eat vegetables and fruits.

Spicy food, these foods also worsen the symptoms of Acne in the majority of individuals suffering from Acne. The observations of people having Acne is also the same, that their acne symptoms get worse when they consume spicy foods.
Cheese, there is a direct relation between the cheese/ dairy products and the symptoms of Acne, as these foods make the acne symptoms worse.
Nuts make the acne symptoms worse
Other foods that worsen the symptoms of Acne are,

  • Peanut butter.
  • Sushi.
  • Pizza.
  • French Fries.

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