Tuesday, 4 October 2016

07 Vital tips for eating healthily

You need food to remain healthy and alive, you can further aid spark into your health if you eat healthily and by this way, you can avoid the complications and the ill effects of eating as well. Here are some very vital tips for eating healthy to further aid life into your health and life.
Choose the right carbohydrates
 Carbohydrates are major of two types, one is immediately absorbed by the body and the second type is absorbed slowly over time. 

The Issue with the simple carbohydrate is that it releases all its calories immediately in the body and your body have to release the huge amount of insulin for it, to balance the amount of sugar that is added to your body. Insulin helps to balances the amount of sugar in the body, so you have to eat the immediate release carbs in moderation. 
Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are released slowly in the body and it provides a continuous supply of calories to the body and the body balance of sugar did not disturb abruptly. Additionally, almost all slow release carbohydrates sources are rich in Vitamins and Minerals and fibres, which further aid in the body health and wellness. 
Tip for Carbohydrates intake.

  • Eat green leafy vegetables.
  • Opt for whole grains.
  • Eat brown bread instead of white one.

Eat Lean Protein
 For a healthy maintenance of your body, you fulfil your 15 to 35 % of body calories requirements from proteins. Protein is the building block of body muscles and performs very vital functions in the body. Almost all hormones and enzymes are protein in nature and it is also the major constituent of skin, hairs, and nails. 


Healthy Protein Sources are,

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Beans and Soy Products & 
  • Nuts.

Differentiate between Good and Bad fat
Good fats are monosaturated foods and Omega- 3 fatty acids. It helps in lowering the bad Cholesterol levels in the body by lowering the concentration of bad cholesterol. 

Sources of Good fat: 
Olive oil, Nuts, Fish, and Seeds oil.
Avoid trans fats and Saturated fats: These are the fats that raise the levels of bad Cholesterol within your body and increases the risk of the heart diseases. Junk foods and processed foods are the major sources of bad fats, better to lessen its consumption or avoid it all.
Eat more Superfoods
They enhance your cardiac, physical and mental health. Although the term is used with ambiguity by the labelling of the so much foods as Superfoods, however, the natural superfoods are the valuable addition in your daily diet plan for your health and fitness.
Common natural superfoods are,
Blueberries that facilitate your brain health and contains strong antioxidants well.
Others are Algae, Salmon, and Cranberries, which offers multiple benefits to your health and wellness.
Reduce your Salt intake
Although you are in need of Salt in Moderation for your better healthy life, however, take it in moderation. Read the label before you use as salt for adding into your food.
Eat a variety of Food in Moderation
This will help you to get all the required nutrients required for your body. Your body is in need of Multiple nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals to perform properly. When you eat a variety of foods you have more chances to get all of them or a majority of these vital nutrients. The second important point is that eat in moderation. Every nutrient that you take in excesses will result in unwanted symptoms.
Make easy and healthy decisions
The most healthy one are,

  • Avoid soda drinks.
  • Opt for drinking more water.
  • Cut down sugar intake.
  • Participate in meatless days of your locality.
  • Cut away from fast food.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Calculate your Calories requirement of the day and do not exceed its limits.
  • Eat slowley 
  • Have five meals with equall duration of time.

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