Wednesday, 16 November 2016

10 Vital Tips for staying fit at home without Gym.

These are the 10 essential Tips for staying fit at home without Gym.
1. Squeezing the Muscles for one Minute: Just squeeze your muscles for one minute or at least 30 seconds. It will help you a lot in toning your muscles. It is the best muscle toning way, you can do easily even sitting in a chair. It will help you to tone your muscles without Gym.

2. Muscle Building Buy two dumb bells. The ideal is 10- 15 Pounds of weight for men and 05- 10 pounds for women. At least twice a week, manage exercising with it for 20 minutes. It will build your muscles.
3. Do Pushups at home: Do the pushups at home to get the desired benefits at home. The right procedure is,

  • Position yourself in a way that your face is downward.
  • Slowly binds your arm and move your body toward the floor.
  • Stop when your elbow makes an angle of 90.
  • Inhale during the above process.
  • Exhale and move upward.
4. Make a walk: Make a walk for at least 30 minutes. Try to walk with enhanced pace than the normal walk of the day. Do not forget to breathe deeply during the walk.
5. Develop the right attitude for fitness: Set realistic objectives and move toward achieving the same objective. Set the habits in such a way that the fitness ways and means become your habits. Use stairs insulated of elevators. Drink green tea instead of soda drinks. Manage the small distances by walk rather than by four wheels or bike. etc.
5. Proud of small achievements: Appreciate yourself for the success you are getting into your fitness routine. When you did a 30-minute walk per day, appreciate yourself for it and keep it up for the days to come. Same is for eating three bites less, avoiding one soda per day and a lot more.

6. Find a Companion for your fitness routine Join someone or let someone join you for the efforts in your fitness. It will help you to stick to the routine, you have set for your fitness.
7. Give your body the proper diet and water by eating healthy. Eat more proteins, vegetables, healthy oils, fibers, and fruits. In addition, drink at least 08- 09 glasses of water daily.
8. Keep your kitchen loaded with healthy food, fruits, and vegetables. It will make the healthy eating easy.
9. Take proper sleep of 07- 09 hours of sleep.
10. Take proper medical checkup every three months.

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