Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to Prevent black Stains on Teeth.

How to Prevent black Stains on Teeth.
Chromogenic bacteria are well known for causing black stains on teeth. you want to get rid of it, so it is very important for you to first see, how it cause black stains.

  • These bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide that reacts with saliva in the mouth and forms black stains on your teeth.
  • One possible solution is to reduce iron intake, but the amount of iron in saliva is too low that you can not cover it merely by reducing your iron intake.
  • Until some research product in our hand that prevents the formation of Hydrogen sulphide in the mouth, it is very hard to prevent black stains for this specific reason.
  • The only solution left is at home teeth whitening tips and if you are unable to manage then visit your dentist for the same.
  • An effective antibacterial toothpaste can help you a lot in managing the black stains in your mouth caused by this bacteria.

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