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How to Naturally lose belly fat in one week.

How to Naturally lose belly fat in one week.
You are heading to the beach or want to prepare yourself for a special occasion. The reason may also be that you want to jump-start a healthy lifestyle and initiate your belly fat loss.
One week is a short time for it but here are the tips that will help you to start losing your belly fat within one week and you can find a minor difference at the end of the week.

Set a realistic objective: For the start of the week, set a realistic and achievable realistic objective. You can lose one to two pounds in the week, that will help you for the amazing results when you will continue with the plan for longer time. 

Create the plan for creating the caloric deficit: Either it is weight loss or belly fat loss, it is the output of caloric deficit. That is you take fewer calories and burn more. The caloric deficit must be targeted for calories in between 500- 1000 calories per day. In very generalized form, the caloric requirement of today is 2400 calories per day for an average active individual. 
Stay full with the low energy foods: Foods that are high in water contents and fibres are best for weight loss and belly fat loss, same will help you for your aim of losing the belly fat in one week as well. Good options are the vegetables, fruits, and fat-free dairy products. 
Make minor changes in your diet for a bigger result: Some minor diet changes will help you a lot in creating the caloric deficit for losing your belly fat. Replace one soda drink for a cup of green tea, eat less by three bites in your major meals, the broth is the sources of lowest calories, opt for it.

Make an exercise plan for the loss of belly fat in one week: If you move you will burn calories and hence body fat. This will lower the belly part as well in fats. But the best option for losing the belly fat is HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training, it involves the workout will full throttle for 10 seconds to a minute and then the same exercise for a minute or two. This type of exercise work best for the belly fat loss and weight loss than cardio ie running, jogging and skipping.
Avoid fad diets as its results are not permanent and there are obvious chances that you will regain the lost weight, once you will be on the normal diet.
Remember that belly fat loss or weight loss is a long-term objective but you have to set a foundation within the first week, to follow for the coming days for a leaner and fit you.
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