Friday, 27 January 2017

How you get depressed?

How you get depressed?
Depression is among the major health challenges of today and is affecting Millions around the globe. How you get depressed? Knowing the actual reason behind can help you a lot to avoid the causes and hence depression.

When you are faced with an issue, your body produces the stress hormones to cope with the issue. This stress hormone makes the brain work overtime on the problem, you are facing. The repeated events of depression make your brain exhausted, and this exhausted brain condition is depression. 
Let's see the stress events that lead to depression,

  • Events that are wanted like getting married or you have recently got a new job and are going soon, can make you stressed and this can lead to major depression events.
  • Stress: In both the chronic condition and the in an acute condition, stress can lead to depression. The typical examples of chronic stress are, taking care of parents with Alzheimer's, coping with a major health issue, finding a job but not getting success are the few example of chronic stress that can lead to depression. The acute stress examples are the death of a beloved one, losing something of much value, facing a road accident, facing a financial loss and a lot more. 

What is the biochemical basis of getting depression

  • Continuous exposure to stress leads your brain to produce cortisol hormone and the decreased levels of the neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Dopamine. These levels are closely linked to the depression. 
  • The increasing levels of Cortisol lead to depression and anxiety.
  • Repeated stress initiate the process of neurogenesis, the new brain cells formation, within your brain particularly in the Hippocampus. This process of new brain cells formation is closely linked to depression.
  • From the above facts, it is clear that depression is the results of brain exhaustion due to continuous exposure to the stress and the body exposure to the continuously enhanced levels of stress hormone, that is Cortisol.

In very short words, your brain and body need a break from the repeated events of stress to get relaxation and freshness.


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