Friday, 24 February 2017

How to went from a night owl to a morning Person.

Here are the workable tips to be a morning person for a night owl to get all the desired benefits of the amazing morning and get motivation by the best morning habits.

Go to bed early: Fist decides about your morning wake-up time and the time you are in need for a full sleep. The average person required for a full sleep is 6 to 9 hours and for this, you have to be in bed at 10:00 PM for a sleep starting from 10: 30 PM. The average ideal time to wake up is 5:30 am and by this way, you will have a 7 and a half hour full sleep. 
Set the alarm clock at 5: 25 am and with repeat Alarm at 5: 35 am. You will open your eyes at 5: 25 am but remember to avoid the snooze bottom of the alarm clock, it will sabotage your efforts for getting up early.
Have a Cup of Coffee or Tea at bed: This will help you to be alert in the morning for a more better start of the day.


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