Sunday, 26 February 2017

Top 07 fitness trends of 2017.

To get inspiration to get up and move, here are the top 07 fitness trends of 2017, the right reply to your query where to start.
Wearable Technology:

This is on the top of the list, you wear something and track your fitness efforts.  On the top of the list are the Apple Watches and Fitbits. These wearable are used to track the pulse rate, heartbeat, step detection and a lot more.
Body Weight Training:
This comes second in the 2017 fitness trends. The weight training is the lifting of weight either in form of dumbells or the lifting of your own body weight. Weight training burns more calories and is the easy option for keeping your body fit and lean. 
Certified Fitness Professionals:
This trend is in the third place, where the demand for the certified professionals is increasing day by day. People are now in need of more professional advice for their fitness needs and guidance.
Group Training:
Fitness workouts in the form of groups/ teams are the fourth in this new year trends. Group means a class of five or more members doing the fitness efforts in the form of a team. This inspires each member of the group for the continuity of the fitness efforts.
Exercise is Medicine:

This is the initiative aimed for the health care providers to include exercise in the treatment option for the people, seeking for professional medical advice.
Yoga will remain in the top 07 fitness trends. Based on the breath control and meditation, this is an effective practice for the fitness and health. The advice of an expert will further make it a valuable tool for the fitness objectives.
Exercise and weight loss:

For permanent weight loss, the role of exercise is very vital. Exercise not only burns calories but also give you multiple health benefits that help in keeping you fit and healthy.


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