Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The top four approaches for exercise at the office.

Exercise has multiple health and fitness benefits and it gives a healthy spark to your health. Among the major benefits are,
  • Keep your weight in control.
  • Keep your stress-free.
  • Make your resting period counts, enable you for a better sleep.
Exercise for professional improves their quality of work as it enables them to stay alert, stress-free and more conversant at their workplace.

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Your involvement at the office will make it a challenge to exercise regularly to gain these benefits, here are the simple five approaches that will help you to do the same at your office.
                       Walk during Calls and at lunch
A walk of 30 minutes will show significant good results for your health and the same amount of walk you can do very easily while attending to phone calls and while at lunch. Opt for this habit you will get the benefit of this 30-minute exercise. Secondly, while leaving the office to make a brisk walk and use stairs instead of the elevator.
Stretched at your desk
Here are the simple stretches that you can do at your desk. Although it will not result in significant weight loss you will get the benefits of a calm body, low stress and will avoid anybody joints complications of long setting.
  • Shrug your shoulders: Take a deep breath and shrug your shoulders. Move your head side to side.
  • Extend your legs: Simple hold the edges of your chair and extend your legs as far as you can. Flex your toes and roll your ankles.
  • Twist your torso: Grab the back of your chair and take a deep breath. Twist your torso as far as you can. Now repeat in opposite direction.
  • Point your fingers: Extend your one arm in the forward direction and point your fingers to the ground. Now is the turn of your opposite hand, gently push your fingers inward toward your body. Roll your twist.
Have an exercise ball at your office

 Use it as your sitting chair for one hour. You will enjoy, will become more stress-free and will get the desired benefits of exercise.
By this, you will improve your posture and will be able to lose weight. 
Focus on little things
 These are the tips that will help you for the good move of your body for the desired exercise needs.
  • Move around at office while talking to teammates.
  • Keep your posture straight.
  • Have more deep breaths in routine.
  • Park your car at the back of the parking area, so as you increase the distance to and from your desk to the car.

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