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What you should eat to grow taller?

Your adult height is primarily dependent upon your genetic makeup along with the lifestyle you are living with, and the habits that you have.
When you are a teenager then the use of-of some supplementation can help you to grow taller to the full of your capacity.
Here are top four supplements that can aid in your height.

  • Vitamin A:
    This vitamin plays a very important role in the bone development and is among one essential supplement that can help you to grow taller. Food that is rich in retinol are the rich sources of Vitamin A, these types of foods are Milk, Fish, and liver. Your body have also the capability to convert the Beta-Carotene of carrots and some leafy green into Vitamin A. 
  • Vitamin B- Complex:
     Vitamin B complex also plays a very vital role in helping you attain the maximum potential tallness. Vitamin B complex is a family of eight vitamins and it helps a lot in the new cells development, the proper utilization of nutrients within the body and the synthesis of red blood cells and these all roles are vital for the development of more height and growing tall for teenagers. You can get adequate Vitamin B complex either by taking Vitamin B complex supplementation or by eating foods that are high in B- Complex vitamins family. The foods that are rich in Vitamin B complex are Banana, nuts and lean meat.
  • Vitamin C:
    This vitamin is also essential for the proper tallness of your body as the teenager. Vitamin B has a potent immune enhancing action and a strong antioxidant role within the body. Due to these benefits, Vitamin C protects your body from the wear and tear of free radicals and helps you in protection from common diseases. Vitamin C also helps your body to produce collagen and make bones stronger and longer. The rich food sourced of Vitamin C are all types of Citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin D:
    This vitamin strengthens your bone and makes it stronger. It also helps the bone to attain its maximum potential height, when you take it as the teenager, and thus helps you to grow taller. Vitamin D helps the bones to absorb Calcium, which is integral to the bone strength and health.
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