Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Famous Faces with Braces.

  • Emma Watson: 

I had a terrible skin and my weight fluctuates in between size 6 and 10 and has to wear braces to straighten my teeth, said Emma Watson.

  • Faith Hill:
  • At the Grammy Awards, faith hill was seen having braces on their teeth. They are about four months old, Faith Hill told Phoenix radio. I have braces as the kid and I commonly forget to wear my retainers.
  • Gwen Stefani:
  • It was a decade ago that Gwen Stefani wore braces as fashion. She always refers to it as a style option.
  • Tom Cruise:

When you have a smile being noticed by millions of people and you want to improve it further, Tom Cruise starts wearing invisible braces for the same.

  • Faye Dunaway:

The academy award winner at the age of 61 makes the use of braces for a more brighter smile.

  • Fantasia Barrino:

After winning American Idol in 2004, Fantasia Barrino was seen with braces to keep her teeth aligned.

  • Dakota Fanning:
Having multiple teeth issues as the teenager, Dakota Fanning, now 18, have to wear braces for teeth alignment.
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