Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to Warm up before exercise- The right way.

When get warm up before exercise you prevent injuries and also make your exercise more effective. The warm should be at least 6 minutes, you can do it longer as well if you feel the need. 
Here are five effective tips for proper body warm up before exercise.

  1. March on the spot: Keep going on the spot for three minutes. Start march on the spot and then move forward and backwards. Move your arms in pump action in alignment with your legs. Keep your fist soft and elbows bent, while doing the spot move.
  2. Heel digs: Objective should be to dig the heels for 60 times in 30 seconds by placing the alternate heel to the front. During this, you should keep your front foot pointed up and make a punch out with each heel dig. You should also keep a slight bend in the supporting leg.
  3. Knee lifts: Aim should be of 60 knee lift in 60 seconds. To do this first stand tall and bring up alternate knees to touch the opposite hand. Keep your back in a straight direction and abs tight. Side by side keeps a slight bend in the supporting leg.
  4. Shoulder rolls: Keep the move on the spot and roll your shoulders five times forward and same time backward. Ler your arms hang loosely by your sides.
  5. Knees bent: To do this move, stand your shoulders and feet width apart with stretched out hands. Lower yourself by a maximum of 10 cm by bending your knees. repeat the move.


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