Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Top 07 health risks of taking the Birth control Pills.

The women on birth control pills around the globe are around 1. 5 Billion, they have some associated health risks as well. So, it's important to know them well so that any risks to living can be prevented. Let's see the same.

  • Disturbed Menstruation:
    Women who use the birth control pills faces the disturbed menstruation, it may be in the form of no periods, disturbed periods or spotting the whole month. It will take two to six months for the periods to get normal when you stop this form of menstruation. While you have to use the birth control pills then it is important for you to consult your gynaecologist for the disturbed menstruation.
  • Cancer issues:
    Birth control pills can result in the serious health conditions like breast, cervical and liver cancer. If you as women have a family history of cancer then your chances of getting cancer can be increased by 11%. It is better to consult your Doctor for this issue and share with them your family history of cancer. If you feel any initial symptoms of cancer, immediately report it to your Oncologist, so that it can be screened for the proper diagnosis and treatment if applicable.
  • Mood Swings:
    As birth control pills can disturb the normal hormonal secretions and status, as a result, it can lead to mood swings, irritability, stress, sleep disturbance, sweating, and restlessness. 
  • Cardiac Health issues:
    If you are using the birth control pills then your chances of getting high blood cholesterol and blood pressure elevation are more. The reason is that these pills can form a plaque in the blood arteries. If this is the risk then opt for any other birth control options like Condoms.
  • Low sex drives in women:
    The hormonal disturbance can lower the women sex drive particularly if you are using them for the longer period of time. The reason is that it lowers the drive toward the male sex hormone, prevents the ovaries to release the egg, thicken your cervical mucus and also stops entering the sperm into the right spot of the vagina. 
  • Weight gain or weight loss:
    Due to the irritability caused by the birth control pills, your appetite can be disturbed and so there will be an unusual weight gain or weight loss. The weight effects become more prominent when you stop taking the pills of birth control. 
  • Other health issues: Women on the birth control pills may experience a heaviness at their breasts, hair structure change, headache in the morning, acne, bacterial vaginitis, and acne.

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