Thursday, 15 June 2017

What are Gall Bladder stones and how it should be Cured?

 Before we talk about the Gallbladder stones and its cure options, let's first see what is Gallbladder.

It is a small pouch-like structure lies beneath the liver and its main function is to store and secrete bile secretion, which has a very vital role in the digestion process. It secretes bile when the body needs it for the digestion of fat in the food.
What are Gallbladder Stones:
These are the small stones of Cholesterol and are formed in the Gallbladder. They usually do not cause any symptoms. However, if it gets stored in the bile duct in the Gallbladder it results in the sudden pain in the admonish area.
What is Biliary Colic:
The pain is called as Biliary Colic and it last from one to five hours. In medical terms, it results in a condition called as Gallbladder infection or the Cholestasis. It may cause consistent pain, Jaundice, and a very high temperature.
What is the cure for Gallbladder Stones: In the rare case the stone can move to the pancreas and cause the inflammation and pain in it, a condition is known as acute pancreatic inflammation, which is normally associated with severe pain.
How Doctors Treat Gallstones: Gallstones are treated by Doctors by a surgical procedure called as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. The procedure rarely produces any complications and if it is removed from your body, your liver will still produce enough bile for the digestion of fat.
Why Gallstones Develop in the body: below are the major causes that your body have to develop the Gallstones.

  • If you are overweight then the cholesterol levels in your body will be at the higher level and you are more prone to develop the Gallbladder stones.
  • Women are three times more probe for the Gallstone development than men.
  • If you are at the age of 40 or above, your body is more prone to develop the Gallbladder.
  • Women with multiple pregnancies are more prone to develop the Gallbladder stones.
How you can be affected by the Gallstones: This is a common health issue and if you look at the UK population, it will be revealed that one in 10 individuals are affected by it. However, in the majority of the population that is affected by the Gallbladder it does not shows any symptoms. In very 50 cases of Gallstones, one is showing the symptoms that should be treated with the immediate urgency.

Complications associated with the Gallstones: Here are the two major but rare complications associated with the Gallstones,
  1. Gallbladder Cancer.
  2. The bowel may be obstructed and this condition is called as Gallstone ileus.

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