Thursday, 13 July 2017

The single trick that enables Jovana to lose 139 Lbs of body fat?

 Although Jovana was overweight still she feels confident in his body and looks. The only issue that she was feeling with his body weight that it is holding her back and are causing multiple health and fitness issues. 
Jovana told in an interview that, " I always love myself and have positive feelings about myself and look. The only issue was that I was feeling restricted in what I want to enjoy due to my body weight. Due to these feelings, I was feeling very lethargic, stressed and depressed."
The Past:
Jovana was heavy growing up and at the age of 12, he was weighing 150 Lbs. At the age of 22, she was affected by fatty liver disease due to the high-fat proportion within her body and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
The Single Trick that Works well
Jovana has passed two years without stepping on the weight scale. She saw an old photo of herself and decided to find her own weight. She was expecting a total body weight of around 150 lbs, but for her surprise that her weight at scale was 304 lbs. Taking the 304 lbs as very serious, Jovana stepped down with a commitment to weight loss and fitness efforts with consistency.

How she lost weight
Jovana chalked out a very comprehensive strategy for her body fat loss and cut down the starchy carbs, refined and processed food, sugar and packed foods. She also starts exercising at Gym four to five times a week to turn back her fitness and lean body.  In the first month, she was able to lose 20 lbs.
Now, after one and a half year, she was able to lose 150 lbs with a weight of 165 lbs at this point. 
Jovana further added that it is also equally important to pay attentions to the now- scale accomplishment like how your clothes fit, how you feel, how much you are enjoying your life without anybody restrictions and how happy you are. although she was happy at 304 lbs as well, have after weight loss, has found a new level of Joy.

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