Monday, 10 July 2017

How Women can prevent the top health issues of today?

 As per the census of the Center for Control and Disease Prevention, women of today are facing top four health challenges of Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, and Stroke. Women should take the due care and should take the proper preventive measures for the prevention of the above mentioned four major health issues.
Proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modifications are the ultimate solution for the prevention of above-mentioned diseases. Let's take a look at the same,

How women can take care of their heart
 The best way for the prevention of heart disease in women is to keep and maintain your blood pressure, quit smoking and manage your blood lipid levels. The major source of enhancing the bad cholesterol levels in your blood are the saturated fats. Your body is getting situated fats from two major sources, ie Animal fats and fats of the processed food. How much of your daily calories can come from saturated fats in the way that not affect your heart in a bad way? The American Heart Association recommends that it should be not more than 7% of your daily caloric intake, while in a case of transfat the caloric count that you can get safely is less 1%.
 The best option is to replace your saturated fat and trans fat by the polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. The good options of fats are Avocadoes, Olive Oil, Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and fish. The Flavonoids in the tea, cocoa and dark chocolates are also the good sources of heart-protecting ingredients.
How to decrease your risk of getting Cancer
The basic that you should opt for the Cancer protection are the Quitting smoke, limiting Alcohol intake, managing the weight in a healthy way and to take food that is rich in Antioxidants. Antioxidants give you the most valuable activity of the body protection from Cancer, that is, it protects your cellular damage by the free radicals. 
Foods that are high in Antioxidants are the Carrots, Green Leafy Vegetables, Berries, Citrus fruits, green tea, Apples, and Pears.
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How to Prevent Diabetes
 Diabetes is the major culprit behind your kidney, Nervous and eye complications and it is among the most occurring diseases in the US. Around 12 Million women above the age of 20 are affected by diabetes and additional 27 Million women are at the prediabetes stage. Among the two categories of factors for diabetes protection, one is controllable and second is uncontrollable. Among the factors that you cannot control are your genetics, body makeup for weight and fat and your ethnicity.
Among the factors that you can control are the simple lifestyle changes like,

  • Manage your weight: by reducing your weight you simply reduce the chances of getting diabetes. The American Diabetic Association recommends that can reduce your chances of getting diabetes by 50% if you reduce just 7% of your extra body weight. 
  • Moderate exercise of 30 minutes, five days a week, will reduce your chance of getting diabetes.
  • Taking adequate fibres of 25- 30 Gm a day will reduce your chance of getting diabetes.
  • Avoiding processed food and added sugar will help you in avoiding diabetes.
How to reduce your chance of getting Stroke
Managing for your healthy blood pressure is the key to reducing the chances of stroke. As blood pressure naturally rises with age, it is vital for you that as you getting older take food that is low in Sodium and high in potassium. Avoiding the processed food is also the key for the stroke prevention.


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