Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Your face is telling you something about your inner health, listen to it.

 Your face is giving you some very basic and vital clues about your health, so, look at your face for it and find the clues. Here are these,

  • Yellow on your skin and eyes: The yellow color is the most common form of Jaundice and is a harmless condition in children and most of the adults. Talk to your Doctor, its cure is easy and cheap. However, if you have some severe weakness or other body related physical condition, better to talk to your doctor.
  • Moles: These are spots or bumps and for the majority of them, you need no worry about it. Its analysis is the simplest one, Follow the ABCDE rule, if any of them is in Yes, talk to your Doctor. The ABCDE rule is, Asymmetrical, if its shape is different on the same side/ body part. Border, if it is jagged, Colour, if it is uneven, Diameter, if it is larger than a pea size, Evolving, if it is changing its form. 
  • Stores, the sores on your lips is indicating to you the Herpes, Virus infection and is also the indication if you are overtired, Sick or anxious. They usually go away with the passage of few days, however, if you are experiencing some very frequent breakthrough of the scores, better to talk to your Doctor.
  • Cracked lips: The most common sign that you will face at the winter season. In addition, if you are faced with the cracked lips, it is a possible reason for the dehydration, allergic reaction to a drug or other allergen.
  • Butterfly rash: The majority of rashes are not serious and it covers the both sides of face in form of a butterfly. This butterfly rash is the most common form of Lupus, A condition in which your body immune system turn against your own body cells and tissues. You may experience hay fever, rash and itching with it and your fingers may turn blue in cold.
  • Hair at the unusual places: This can happen to you both as men and women. Men usually develop extra hairs on their ears and eyebrows. The women will face the issue of extra hair on their chin and around their jaw. In women, this is the indication of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a body condition that makes it difficult for women to get pregnant.
  • Dropped Eyelids: This condition is called by Doctors as Ptosis or Blepharoptosis, In this condition, the eyelids get dropped and can effect your one eye or both of them. Commonly, it is a harmless indication and indicates some issue of affected brain, eye or eye sockets. In the more serious condition, you may have double vision, weak muscles, and difficulty in swallowing food, it may indicate the possibility of getting the stroke.
  • Can not move one side of your face: If the symptoms are just that you cannot move some parts of your face, this is the obvious sign that you have Bell,s Palsy, a condition that some face muscle get swollen and you may experience pain in jaw and areas behind your Jaws.
  • Melasma: This is the typical sign of taking birth control pills and id you as women, is in a condition of pregnancy. It is indicated by the brown patches on your face skin and is among the major beauty challenge of women of today.

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