Tuesday, 11 July 2017

These are the top 09 best and worst foods for your Liver.

 The liver is the major and vital organ of your body and properly detoxify and cleanse your body out of toxins and poisonous substances.
 Here is the top 09 best and worst food for your liver. This list will help you to opt for the liver friendly foods and avoid the one that has ill effects on your liver.
 Here is the list for you,
  • Oatmeal: This is among the top best food that gives health to your liver. In generalized form, every food with high fiber content can help you for this. Oatmeal is best when eaten at breakfast, as it keeps you fuller for the longer duration of time and you feel fewer food cravings and easily balance the caloric intake and consumption of your body. By this way, it helps you in lowering the fat contents of your body as well.
  • Fatty foods: When it comes to the food that is worse for your liver, fatty food like burgers and french fries are on the top. Eating food that is high in saturated fats make it harder for your liver to work properly. Very regular eating of fatty foods may result in the swelling and redness of your liver as well.
  • Broccoli: Every vegetable that you eat with a Crunch, is healthy for your liver and broccoli is on the top of the list. You can enjoy raw and cooked broccoli in a variety of ways and will get a healthy liver.
  • Coffee: If you take two to three Cups of coffee a day it will help you in keeping your liver healthy. It will help in balancing the Alcohol effects upon your liver. Some data also suggest that it will help in the prevention of Liver cancer as well.
  • Too much sugar: In the simplest form, what your liver does in your body is that it covers the extra sugar into fat. If you overload your liver with this, it will be effected in an ill way. So, avoid the extra sugar intake to keep your liver healthy.
  • Green Tea: Natural teas have the amazing benefits of keeping your liver healthy and green tea is on the top of the list. The healthy effects of green tea on your liver is due to the presence of Catechin, a strong and potent anti- oxidant that prevents the free radicals damage to your liver.
  • Water: This is simplest and most natural solutions for enhancing your liver health. Get into the habit of drinking fresh water frequently, and better to replace your beverages and soft drinks by water for getting a healthier liver.
  • Almonds: This is among the heart friendly food as well in addition to the liver friendly. The good effects are majorly due to the presence of Vitamin E, that protects you against the fatty liver disease.
  • Salt: Hold the cap of your salt container firmly tight as too much Sodium can cause liver fibrosis, which is the first stage of liver scarring.

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