Tuesday, 29 August 2017

This Home made Drink Treats your Body both from inside and Outside.

 This drink becomes most popular after the multiples of testimonials that it causes the effective weight loss and improve the overall health. 

  • Cucumber Water effectively detoxes your body and helps you to get rid of the excesses fats in a natural and easy way. I do so due to the presence of high amount of water and fiber in it. 
  • In addition, Cucumber Water gives you multiple health and fitness benefits as well, like the protection of heart, eye health, and prevention of diabetes. 

HOW TO PREPARE IT: What you are in need are,

  • One Organic Cucumber.
  • Do not peel the Cucumber, just make slices.
  • Add it to two liters of water and drink it as your regular drinking water.
The benefits of Cucumber water are due to,
  • The high amount of Antioxidants that prevents the oxidative stress and promote brain function. This also makes Cucumber Water as a good cure for age related health issues.
  • Cucumber Water can help in the prevention of the most common health challenge of Osteoporosis, it is due to the presence of Vitamin K, which makes bones stronger and denser.
  • Cucumber water helps in the maintenance of Heart Health and this is due to its ability to lowers the blood pressure.
  • Cucumber Water helps in building the muscles as well, by enhancing the body metabolism.
  • Cucumber Water contains Silicate, that makes the skin glowing, hydrate the skin and reduce the symptoms of Acne.

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