Saturday, 2 December 2017

This 02-minute Japanese method will help you a lot in losing belly fat fast.

 This is the Japanese method of losing your belly in the extremely fast way. You will be amazed by knowing that this method just takes two minutes of time. The method is discovered by the Japanese Actor MIKI RYOSUKE. The discoverer basically tried the same method for his weight loss and then make it public for your benefit as well. The results that MIKI have observed upon himself are amazing in few weeks. He has been able to lose 28.7 Pounds of weight and being able to drop his waistline up to 4.7 inches. 

Now, let's see what this method is,
  • This Method is being termed as long Breath method by its creator and consists of assuming a Certain position for a specific time.
  • It consists of taking a breath of three seconds and an exhalation of 07 Seconds. 
  • This method is proven to be effective for weight loss and its logic are below,
  • Fats consist of Oxygen, Carbon and oxygen.
  • So, when oxygen reaches the fat cells in abundance, it converts it into Carbon dioxide and water.
  • The simple explanation is that the more Oxygen you will inhale, the more fat cells you will burn.
You want to know about the procedure of long breath exercise for fat burning, here it is
  • Stand up in a position that your one leg is forward and the other is in a backward position.
  • Put pressure on your buttock area and try to put your weight on your back foot.
  • Then place your arms at an upper level above your shoulder and have a long breath of three seconds.
  • Exhale forcefully for seven seconds, while doing so strain you're all body muscles.
  • This completes one cycle of this exercise.
Repeat the same cycles for 02- 10 minutes daily and you will see the results of losing your belly fat in just a few weeks.

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