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These are the signs that your body is receiving too much Sugar

 Most of us think that only diabetes is the major sign of the high sugar level but the fact is in addition to this as well. High sugar level is not only reflected in the high sugar level, but its impacts are manifested in other organs as well, and these reflect that your body is receiving high sugars than its requirements. Pay very close attention to these signs and call your Doctor if your receive these signs. Now, lets me share with you the signs,

  • Continous hunger: When your body has high sugar levels, it prevents the sugar to enter into your body cells and the body cells direct the brain for more eating to receive glucose for its energy requirements. To cut down the sugar levels within your body one solution is to avoid soda drinks and sugary one, and do not add sugar to your tea and coffee. 
  • More fatigue: You will be familiar with the feeling that you are feeling tired as soon as you get up. This is the more simple and accurate explanation of interrelationship between high sugar levels and fatigue. At high blood sugar level your body cannot store and use glucose properly and energy is not used properly and your body does not receive the proper energy. For this reason, your body is feeling tired and fatigued with no reason. The one way of avoiding the high sugar level is to add honey to your drinks. tea or coffee instead of refined sugar. This will also show some good results for avoiding the high sugar level symptoms.
  • Frequent Urination: If the body sugar level is high than normal, your kidneys will be unable to absorb sufficient sugars and that the fluid will be needed to execute Urination. That is the reason that you are feeling the urge for urination more frequently. Another explanation of the frequent urination associated with high sugar level is that your body starts burning and assimilating more glucose and water is more produced as a by-product of this metabolic activity, resulting from the fullness of urinary tract more frequently. To make a stop to this say no to Candies, Toffee and muffins along with all other sugary sources you love to eat or at least give it a try, you will feel the difference very soon.
  • Dry Mouth and more Thirst: This is the body reaction to more fluid loss and the body inner balance system create a sense of thirst for the balancing the fluid level within your body. Yes, you will be unable to avoid the need for drinking more water. But take care to not drink packed juices as they are high in sugar contents. Drink plan drinking water only. If you are not liking the plain water taste, you can add a half of lemon into the glass of water for better taste and compliance. 
  • Sudden Change in Weight: When you will have high sugar levels in your body you will feel a sudden change in your weight. The logic behind is, there are more fluid loss and the urge for urination that burns a lot of calories and this loss of calories results in weight loss in an unhealthy way.
  • Urinary infections: There are two explanations of the urinary infections. One is that high sugar level within the body provides a favourable environment for yeast and bacteria to grow and results in yeast and bacterial infectious diseases. Secondly, when you will visit the bathroom more frequently, there will be more chance to get the urinary infections, due to a hygienic issue like more moist in panties and the environment of the bathrooms.
  • Dry Skin; You will get your skin dry when you receive high sugar than normal. The reasons behind are the excessive fluid loss, narrowing of arteries and nerves disruptions that lead to your dry skin. 
  • Concentration issues: Your brain is in need of Glucose for its proper functions, among them ate proper concentration, memory and decision making. When you will be high in your sugar levels within your body, it will activate the body defence system to limit the supply of glucose to your brain, to protect the brain from any possible damage. This will make the issue of concentration and proper decision making. Other signs you will feel are stress and confusion.
  • Blurred Vision: High sugar levels also affect the eye cells and effects its functions, as a result the eye cells are unable to concentrate properly and your vision become blurred.
  • Delayed healing of Wounds: When the mineral levels within your body will be disturbed, it will affect the blood circulation as well especially in the limbs area. There are some negative effects on the vascular system as well due to high sugar levels. These two major changes result in the delayed healing of wounds and cuts.
  • Impotence: A proper erection is in need of proper nerves function, blood flow and hormonal balance. These all are affected by the body high sugar levels and as a result, it gets disturbed the proper erection. 
  • Irritability: The disturbed supply of glucose to brain effects the mood as sown by the research as well that people with high sugar levels are more anxious. An abrupt change in the sugar supply effects its works negatively, that's why you are feeling irritable and disturbed. Another explanation is that sugar affects the mood-enhancing nutrients absorption within your body, this is the Chromium, its also aids in your irritability.

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