Friday, 1 December 2017

What would be the result if you drink only Water for 03 Weeks?

There are multiple drinking options for you every day. You can drink sugary one, soda drinks, canned juice, packed juice and a multiple more. These drinks are although chill to drink, the side effects are here as well. These are,

  • You will get obese.
  • You can develop type- 2 diabetes.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Dental Stains and Caries.
  • Gut Pain.
Let's talk about, what would happen to your body if you replace all these drinks with a Glass of fresh drinking water. There are multiple data available for the results of replacing all the other drinks with water, here is the summary for you and the results will shock you as well. 

  • Fitness: You will lose weight. Taking the average consumption of an average Citizen and if he. she replaces it with water, he will lose a significant amount of weight. The results are due to the caloric deficit that he has created a result of avoiding the caloric drinks. Secondly, the water is the good metabolic booster as well and you will burn more calories even in your resting body conditions. Data further suggest that by replacing all the drinks with water, you will be able to lose calories equal to 08 km of Jogging per day. You are suprprized, try it, this is proven.
  • Enhanced energy levels: If you drink 02 glasses of water at morning you will be able to boost your energy levels by 24 %. This will results in more Glucose breakdown into ATP ( body energy source). So, you if you include plenty of water in your daily routine, imagine the results.
  • Your Brain would work better: You may know that your brain is majorly composed of water. Its mass contribution to the brain is from 75 % to 85 %. So, if you drink more water, it would help you to concentrate better and remain stress-free and happy as well.
  • Low Caloric intake: You may confuse the body signals for a glass of water with the need for food. Next time when you feel to take a piece of Pizza in your refrigerator or eat a bread slice, just drink a glass of water and more chances would be here, that you will feel satisfied. This helps you to better control your caloric intake for better shape and enhanced body shape.
  • Detox Action: water is the substance that has the better ability to wash out your body toxins. This Detox action will bale you to avoid the ageing effects on skin and your body.
  • Away from Doctor: water helps you to avoid many diseases like Hypertension, urinary inconsistency, Constipation, bladder conditions and bowel cancers. 
  • Healthy Heart: Yes, this is a fact. If you are drinking five glasses of water on daily basis, you will reduce your heart attack risks by 41 %. So, what you are now waiting for, just drink a glass of water.
  • Skin Beauty: water keeps your skin moisturized and clear. If you drink only water for 03 weeks you will feel a significant difference in your skin look.
  • You will be able to save a lot of money as well. This would be the saving of purchase of all other drinks as water is almots comlimentary at all the workplaces and at your living locations.

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