Monday, 8 January 2018

Eating these 15 foods will never lead you to obesity.

This is what you wish and like you this is a common wish that how to eat everything and still not gain fat. IS THIS POSSIBLE?
The reply is simply, Yes.
Here i am mentioning the options for you that will never result in weight gain and the reasons are,

  • These are the food options that are very low in Calories.
  • These will fulfil your appetite and will cause no fat gain to your body.
  • These are the food options that will work best for those who are on a diet for their weight loss and fitness aims.
Now, read the food options that are good to your gut, will make you filled and will never result in weight gain.
    This is good for your body and has no effects on fat gain within your body. But take care, do not add butter or sugar, to avoid adding extra calories to your body. Its one medium size serving has just 31 calories, that will make you filled without being adding any extra calories to your body, rather an option for it as the snack will help you in your weight loss as well.
    Imagine when you are eating celery you are getting no more than just water, as it has 95 % of water in its total weight. This keeps your body fully hydrated and helps in boosting your metabolism as well. A medium size of Celery has just 6 calories in it. You can eat Celery in combination with other foods or can eat it alone as well as the snack.
    When you eat eggplant in the average serving, it will just add 24 calories to your body. In addition, you will get the good amount of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and beta-carotene as well, that have vital health and fitness benefits. Eggplant will also help in normalizing your blood cholesterol levels and will help in balancing water metabolism within your body. 
    Oranges, Grapefruits and Tangerines are good for your health and have virtually no calories. Although experts do not recommend eating fruits while you want to lose weight, however this category of food are among the exceptions. You will get flavonoids, Vitamin C and fibres by this food that have a good role in maintaining a good body weight. In addition, these foods are good for your liver, gut and will helps your body in boosting its natural ability to fight infections. An average size of this food have calories in between 30- 45 calories, that will never make you fat as the such small amount of calories will be utilized by the body effectively.
    This keeps your body fully hydrated and improves the natural ability of the body to burn fat. These foods are more than 90 % water and have caloric content of 45- 60 calories within a medium-size serving. 
  • ALGAE:
    These foods are the richest source of Iodine and amazingly, if you eat a cup of cooked Algae, you will get 15 calories only.
    An average size of Zucchini has 40 calories and have the ability to keep you filled for at least 04 hours. In addition, by eating this you will be able to normalize the salt water ratio within your body. Zucchini is also good for your gut and improves the digestion process within your body. 
    This is good for quenching your thirst as it is majorly composed of water. The reaming 5 % are valued vitamins and minerals, that will give you additional health benefits. 
    This is the rich source of Manganese, that will give you the benefits of burning fat, helps in building muscle mass and helps in regulating your blood sugar levels. An average serving size has just 42 calories within it.
  • EGGS:
    This is the powerhouse for your body and gives you the most valued and high bioavailable protein. Protein boosts your body natural ability to burn fat. In addition, by eating eggs you will get valued vitamins and minerals as well, that will help you in maintaining your body size and weight. Boiled eggs are better for weight loss than fried one, due to its low caloric content. 
    This is a good eating option for people who want to lose weight or wants to maintain a healthy weight. This has the natural ability to break down fat cells, that reduces the fat content within your body. In addition, it plays a vital role in protein metabolism as well, that in addition, boost your body natural ability to burn fat. One medium size of Pineapple has just 30 calories.
    An average size of apple have just 50 calories and it highly enriched with soluble fibres, which is the ultimate healthy solution for fat loss and body weight loss.
  • SALAD:
    This is the best source of Folic Acid and has virtually no calories, just 3 calories in a normal serving. 
    This includes strawberry, Currants and Cranberries. They have the diuretic action which enables your body to get rid of excess water. They are rich in Vitamin C as well, that helps your body to boost its natural ability to fight infections.
    An average serving has just 7 calories and this category of food is the richest source of antioxidbats as well, that helps you in preventing oxidative stress and aid in multiple ways in keeping your slim and smart.

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