Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Most effective tricks to avoid forgetting data.

The most common reply you have to listen and have narrated as well is i do not remember, you forget a lot of information that you have observed or learned about with the passage of time. Here i am sharing with you the universal formula for remembering things for the longest time so that you can recall the things when you are in need or you are asked about it. These are the most effective things for retaining the information and keep it stored in your memory. but first of all, let me talk with you why we forget things.

WHY YOU FORGET THINGS: Your brain is like a hard disk, it can store information according to its storage capacity and this capacity is not unlimited. You have to skip older information to place new information on your this desk, the Brain. Like you may not recall the names of all the planets of Universe, this does not necessarily mean that you have not attended the school, but the information that you have got at that time is now being replaced by the new things and the older things are being withdrawn by the brain, to keep the new info. 

The brain has a well functioning system for keeping the irrelevant information in your short-term memory and then you will not use it or utilise the information, you will forget it. This may be a bad task that your brain is doing. But this is very important for your brain to store the new information. 

Well renowned German psychologists, Hemann Ebbinghaus, have the well-accepted onion that we forget about 50 % of the information when we have got to know within an hour. 
Anyhow, to move the important things from your short-term memory into long-term memory, so that you can retain and remember the information for the longer time. 

Here are the effective tricks for remembering the things for the longest time in a quick way, read it and apply the tricks. These will help you a lot in keeping things remembered.

  • Repeat the info just right after your learning: Repeat the learnings after just you have come to know about it.
    The second repetition must be right after 15- 20 minutes. do the second repetition after 06- 08 hours and the fourth one just right after 24 hours. You are not in need to come to the information in between these repetitions time periods. 
  • If you want to keep some data for longer time, you have to extend the repetition periods by one repetition and the sequence should be, the first repetition after just you have learned the info, the second repetition after 20 minutes just like in the first case.
    But for longer memorisation, the steps are onward different. You should apply the third memorization after one day and the fourth after 2- 3 week, followed by the final repetition after 2- 3 months. By this way, you will retain any data for a longer time. The logic behind is that when you repeat the things for more repetition periods, your brain gets to realize that the advice is necessary and so the brain will not erase the data to store upcoming learnings. 

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