Thursday, 4 January 2018

This four-minute exercise is equal to one hour of Gym exercise.

Gym exercise is the best but the time constraints may not allow you for the same, so it may be not suited to your busy schedule. 
This four-minute quick interval training is effective as like the gym one hour of exercise. The logic behind the claim is that a large number of Calories are burn during this exercise in a short time period. 
In the allocated four minutes, your can perform the simplest yet most effective five exercises. Here are these exercises.

  • Squats:
    Place your shoulder-width apart on your feet or little more wider. Initial Crunching down and place your pelvis back like you want to set on a chair. You have to crouch as low as you can do while doing so keep your back straight. Then return to the initial position and stain your leg and butt muscles.  You have to repeat the same simple exercise for 60 seconds and you will able to burn a lot of calories for your fitness and weight loss aims. Squats will enable you to lose fat in your butt, hips and buttocks and can transform your whole body within a month.This most effective exercise does not require any equipment or gym, you can perform this exercise anywhere and get the desired benefits.
  • Pushups:
    In order to perform this exercise take the plank position with your arms straight. Keep your knees, shoulder and feet in one line and keep your hand's shoulder width apart. Now, slowly starts lowering your body by bending your arms keep your elbows close to your body. Now, return to the initial position. For initiators, you have to do this exercise for 30 seconds, This is the best workout for pectoral muscles and triceps which you have to do for 30- 60 seconds and will give the amazing health and fitness benefits.
  • Mountain Climber:
    The initial position is same as in case of pushups, like keep your arms straight and have the plank position. Then tense your ABS left the right leg and slowly put it on your chest. During this exercise, you have to ensure that your hips and back should be in stiff position. Now, go for the initial position and do the same for your left leg as well. This particularly beneficial for the loss of belly fat and it also gives strength to your belly muscles. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and you will get the good benefits out of this.
  • Lunges:
    Keep your hands at the waist and keep your shoulder with prat to your shoulder. Now, take a big step with your left leg in forwarding position. The left knee should form an angle of 90 and the right one should almost touch the ground. Now, go back to the initial position with a push form the forward leg and repeat the same exercise with the right leg. This is a one minute exercise 
  • Jumps:
    Place your arms beside your body and jump up by spreading your legs to the sides and raise your hands above your head. Now, go to the initial position with a quick Jump.
This is the end of the four minutes exercises that will you a lot of fitness, weight loss and health benefits within very short time and without any equipment or gym.

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