Friday, 5 January 2018

How you can lose 20 Pounds of weight by walking alone?

Walking is enjoyable, easy on your joints and is the safest form of exercise that you can do easily for your weight loss. Walking is not just a move but is also a great fitness tool. If you are stick to a regular walking programme, you can make some great weight loss and fitness transformations.

Today i will make three very basic queries answers, which are the most common one when we talk about the weight loss and walking.

  • HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD WALK TO LOSE WEIGHT? When you are aiming for losing 20 pounds, then you should have to ensure a caloric loss of 250 Calories per day. This will require a total walking time of 40 minutes per day. If you are stick to this schedule of walking, then you will lose 1/ 2 pounds of weight in one week. This will be the total loss of 02 Pounds of weight in one month. For having the aim of losing 20 Pounds, it will take 10 months for the same. I am sure now, you will be clear that how much you should walk for weight loss and how much time it will take for the loss of 20 Pounds.
  • HOW OFTEN SHOULD I WALK: if you are a beginner that you have to walk for 15- 20 minutes for three days a week. Then steadily opt for increasing the duration and frequency of walking for weight loss to walking for 40- 60 minutes for 06 days a week. Like most of us, you may find walking boring, however, there are multiple options that will make your walk an enjoyable one, like listening to music, learning about the indoor walk, watching TV while having your indoor walk, have a company of a friend and listing to the news while you walk.
  • HOW MUCH TIME IT WILL TAKE TO LOSE 20 POUNDS OF WEIGHT: You can burn total calories of 250- 500 per day if you walk for 40- 60 minutes per week at a pace of 04 miles per hour. If you are feeling that you will be unable to burn the calories mentioned, that is 250- 500 calories per day. You have to make a decision of lessening the consumption of your food intake, this will further add to your weight loss speed and body transformation from an overweight one to a slim one. 

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