Tuesday, 16 January 2018

These are Nine Proven signs that you are more Smarter and Intelligent Person.

 Thee are multiple signs that are indicating to you or any person that you know, that he or she is a smarter person. Like they are active, can work for long hours, have positive thinking and have a more reliable memory.

 One among the factors is of IQ as well, however, reserach have proven that intelligence and high IQ level is associated with quite unexpected habits and particulars. These unexpected habits and peculiarities are,

  • You forget things:
    In common sense, it is the good memory that indicates that you are an intelligent person but the reality in logic is against the same. Research has proven that forgetfulness is a sign of intelligence, so if you are an intelligent person, you will often forget trifles. The cause about forgetting the trifles are two, One is that by this you quickly adapt to the new circumstances and secondly it helps you to understand things in totality and remember the summary of information for full understanding. So, next time when you forget some unimportant things then starts thinking positive about yourself as this is a sign of being intelligent.
  • You Swear occasionally:
    The data available have confirmed that if you swear occasionally it means that you have a good vocabulary than normal and this is a sign of high IQ and intelligence. However, you should also be mindful of your speech as well as more use of Obscenities will make a doubtful impression about your personality and character.
  • You Trust Others:
    This is also an indication that you are a more intelligent person than average as to trust others is an agreed trait of intelligent persons. The logic behind trusting others is quite simple is that everyone that see life in better look will trust others. This is also an indication of strong nerves and physique. Research has also confirmed that people who trust others have few health issues 
  • You do not Like Red meat:
    This is proof that if you are a more intelligent person you will like more Poultry, Fish, and vegetables than red meat. This is the most common trait of intelligent persons, are you among the intelligent person in this trait? But before you decide about yourself if being an intelligent person, think of the conditions like your economic status, family background, environmental factors and societal habits as well.
  • You are regular in giving new ideas:
    It is not always the case with everyone that if they are intelligent they will invent something, as inventions are rare in human history. However, they are much popular among their family and co-workers for giving new ideas and alternate solutions for the issues at hand. 
  • You may be Lazy:
    People with good intelligent levels and high IQ are less active and they are always buried in thoughts. On the other hand, ordinary persons will always find themselves uneasily in spare time and they try to fill their schedule with some fun and social interactions. 
  • You have or Like Cats:
    Some proven data have suggested that people who like Cats are more Calmer, are more sensible and have high IQ levels. On the other hand, people who love dogs are more active, have open communication and are good at obeying orders.
  • You have a short sleep Schedule:
    Intelligent persons often sleep late at night and this is an indication of high IQ levels as well. 
  • You always think more and is commonly in worry:
    If you are worried about things more and is commonly in a mild state of anxiety this is not bad as far as being intelligent is concerned. This indicates that you high abilities for creativity and is a smarter person with good IQ levels. Those who are worry have an exceptionally high level of imagination are can perceive any threat or challenge in advance. This is natural as well as good ideas, invetions and initiatuves are commpnly triggered by the positive sence of being unsatisfied that ignite the actions for a more perfect solution and actions.

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