Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Six major types of body fat and how to lose it?

You like everyone like to lose body fat and are doing the efforts of diet and exercise for the same as well. Here today i am talking with you about the major types of body fats and how you can lose them effectively.

  • Upper body fat: This type of body fat is accumulated in your upper body like chest, neck, and face. This is the result of more caloric intake that has resulted in fat accumulation in your upper body parts. If you want to get get rid of it then aerobics is a good way for doing it.
    Yes, Aerobics will help you in getting rid of fat as this type of fat is accumulated in your body due to the lack of physical activity. Running, jogging and walking are the best ways to get rid of your upper body fat. In addition, you should stick to a healthy diet. Eat more proteins, fibers that are in abundance in vegetables and fruits, lean meat and whole grains. In addition, you should avoid sugary drinks, junk food, and processed foods, if you want to avoid and get rid of your upper body fat.
  • Lower Abdomen fat:
    You might be a skinny person still may be unsatisfied with your look due to the pouchy tummy. The major cause of fat accumulation in your lower abdomen is the stress and anxiety. When you are stressed your body accumulates more fat within your this body area. So the great way to get rid of your lower abdomen fat is to make yourself relax.
    The workouts that will help you more in getting if of this type of fat is to meditate and relax, deep breathing practices and doing some type of relaxation techniques. In addition, Green tea can help you more. Green tea is a natural fat burner and helps you a lot in burning of fat in your lower abdomen by boosting your body natural ability to burn calories. 
  • Lower Body fat:
    These are the types of fat that are accumulated in your hips and thighs. The major reason behind such types of fat is your food choices. So, want you have to do is to opt for more healthy options for eating and do regular exercise. Going upstairs is the great exercise for you as it targets more your hip and thigh fat and will help you to get rid of the annoying thigh and hip fat. Climbing mountains and cycling are also great for you to get rid of your thigh and hip fat.
  • A bloated tummy:
    The major culprit behind your bloated tummy is your alcohol intake. When you drink alcohol it slows down your body natural ability to burn fat and is directly converted into the fat of belly area, that results in the bloated tummy. So, if you want to get rid of such type of body fat, limit your alcohol consumption. Secondly, eat in small portions and with more frequency, this will helps in have a good looking tummy and will also aid in your activeness the day round. Regular exercise will also help you in getting rid of this bloated tummy as this is the way of burning calories and hence your body fat.
  • Lower body and leg fat:
    This may be the result of some vascular problems as in case of pregnancy, that makes your legs and lower body swells. To avoid and cure the lower body and leg fat you have to drastically lessen your consumption of salts. Salts make the retention in your lower body and legs and make it swells. In addition, avoid french fries, junk food, and sugary drinks. Good tips for you is to drink out of the water it will not only help in lowering the body fat in your lower body and legs but will also detoxify your body of the unwanted toxins, that are causing the fat in your lower body and leg. Do not sit for more than 30 minutes in one go, the best trick for you is to move more and often. 
  • Fat in the stomach and upper back:
    This is the result of eating more and moving less, so if you have fat in your stomach and upper back starts immediately the workouts and rethink your food intake. The most effective tool for you to get rid of stomach and upper back fat is to have adequate and enough sleep. This will helps you a lot as this will cover the hormonal aspects that re-associated with getting fat. In addition, if you have enough and adequate sleep, you will avoid the late night snacking as well that will limit your caloric intake. Secondly, eat food are more loaded with fibers like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Fibers are the ultimate solution for your belly fat loss and have additional health benefits as well.

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