Thursday, 11 January 2018

The major five types of headaches and how to cure them?

 Everyone among us has experienced headache and no one is the exception for a headache. The majority among us finds their own solutions for a headache and the most common is the use of Analgesics like Aspirin and Paracetamol. 

Today i am given you a description of major five types of headaches and the best ways to deal with them.

  • A tension headache:
    This is among the most common type of a headache and billions among the globe are suffering from a tension headache on daily basis. The most common type of symptoms that you will experience in a tension headache is the helmet effects, that is you will suffer the pain the area, where you wear a helmet. In addition, you will experience severe tension in areas around your eyes, neck and throat with a dull pain. The major causes of a tension headache are stress, poor posture and overwork. The possible solutions are improving your posture, regular exercise and use of paracetamol and aspirin.
  • A sinus Headache:
    This type of pain is due to the blockage of sinus and its major symptom is the pressure and pain on your forehead, eyebrows and cheeks. You may also experience blocked or a runny nose while having Sinus headache with tiredness and fatigue. The major cause of a sinus headache is the seasonal allergies and if this is the case, then the use of antihistamine is the best solution for the cure of a sinus headache. If you are not allergic to seasonal allergies and are suffering from a sinus headache, then better is to see a Doctor, which commonly prescribe antibiotics in case of a Sinus Headache.
  • A migraine:
    The major reason for a Migraine is the dilation of the blood vessels of the brain, some people receive the trait of getting migraines from their parents through genes. The major sign of getting Migraine is a severe headache, fatigue and it also affects your food intake drastically. You may feel numbness, difficulty in concentration and stress. The duration of migraine variety from individual to individual and its duration may vary from 30 minutes till up to two to three days. Unluckily, there is no specific cure for migraines and your doctor can give you the appropriate solution depending on your condition and type of a migraine you are suffering from. Regular exercise and managing stress are the good precautionary measures for migraines.
  • A cluster Headache:
    This is the less common type of a headache and affects more men than women. Its major symptom is the pain around your eye and affects only one side of your head. This frequently develops during sleep. You may also suffer from sensitivity to light, redness of eyes and eyebrows. The exact cause of a cluster headache is not yet known and its cure is quite tricky, for which only a doctor can help you.
  • Hangover:
    Its major symptoms are Throbbing, heaviness and tightness in the head area. The major cause of a hangover is alcohol intake that dilates blood vessels in the head and also causes water deficiency in your body. The best remedy of hangover is to take analgesics and drink a lot of water.

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