Saturday, 6 January 2018

What will happen if you are not drinking enough Water?

Water is life, imagine that your more than half of your total body is water, this is the most effective evidence that how much water is vital to your life and vitality. You will be further amazed by the fact that almost of-of the world population is not drinking enough water, are you one among them?
As i already told you that more than half of your body is made from water, if you are not drinking enough water, it will disappear and you will be suffered from the unwanted symptoms that will affect your health in a very negative way.
Let's see, what will happen in your body when you do not drink enough water.
  • The amount of water in your blood will decrease which will lead to high blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels, insufficiency in blood platelets and by these, you may be more prone to heart attack and stroke.
  • When water will be not in enough amount in intracellular space, This will leads your body toward raised acidity levels, Gout, joint pain, kidney stone, weaken bones and lower immunity. In addition, your body will be at more risk of developing kidney stones.
  • In case of severe water deficiency, you will ageing process will be speed up and you will get older before your actual time of getting old, you will develop high Cholesterol levels and will have reduced immunity of body against diseases.
Here are the most prominent signs that will tell you about the same,
if you find the symptoms, starts drinking more water to fulfil your water efficiency for your health and fitness.
  • Your mouth will be dry.
  • Your skin will be dry.
  • You will always feel thirsty.
  • Your Eyes will be dry.
  • You will be suffered from Joint Pain.
  • You will lose your muscle mass or simply you will not have proper muscle mass.
  • Your recovery from infections will be slow.
  • You will feel tired for most of the time.
  • You will have issues with your digestion.
  • You will feel more hungry.
If you see the symptoms mentioned below, take a serious look at your water intake to correct the amount of water you are drinking.

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