Saturday, 17 February 2018

How to remove unwanted hairs permanently?

You have some unwanted hairs on your cheeks, face, arms or underarms and want to remove them all, then you are at right place. Here is the most effective home cure for the same.

  • Take a Tablespoon of Turmeric with Gram flour. Add some water and stir it thoroughly so that they can be mixed well. Then add some sesame oil and mix again till you get a uniform mixture. Apply this mixture to that area which has unwanted hairs. You can use your fingers for the same. Let the mixture for 30 minutes on the body areas of unwanted hairs and afterward, rinse with warm water. 
  • Make a scrubbing move for removing the paste and the hairs will also come along the dry paste. 
  • You can repeat the same once a week, to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently.

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