Wednesday, 28 February 2018

These are Seven reasons why you need to plank every day.

Plank is the most effective home exercise that boosts your fitness, stamina and also speeds up your weight loss journey. It takes less time and burns a lot of calories in this way play is an effective remedy for your quick weight loss. 
In addition, it is not in need of any equipment and also takes little space to perform this exercise.

Here are major seven reasons that will provide you a logic to doing plan daily on regular basis.

  • It keeps your core muscle strengthen:
    Plan involves all your major muscles and it helps in toning and strengthening these muscles as well. This benefit will boost your ability to left heavyweights and will also help you to get a slim waistline. 
  • The planking exercise protects your spine and back:
    You are in need of making your muscle strength and this you want to do without any injury to your back and spine, for this plank is the best option and it does not put extra pressure on your spine. In addition, this is the good remedy for reducing your back pain and getting a straight posture as well. 
  • It boosts your metabolism:
    Metabolism is the body ability to burn fat naturally and a plank is a great way of enhancing it. When you will have a boosted metabolism, you will be able to burn more calories even in your resting body conditions, by this way it gives you great benefit for your fitness and weight loss.
  • You will improve your posture:
    Plan will enable you to keep your back straight easily and this significantly improves your posture. It does so by strengthening your back, chest, neck and shoulder muscles. 
  • You will get improved body coordination:Mike Skaggs, Total Resistance Exercise instructor, leads a group of participants during a demonstration at Langley Air Force Base, Va., Shellbank Fitness Center, July 11, 2012.  TRX uses vectoring through the use of body angles, stability training and the pendulum effect to offer exercises tailored for the military lifestyle.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kayla Newman/Released) Performing the side plan regularly will improve your body coordination and this will helps you a lot in improving your body coordination like standing on one foot and additional coordination moves.
  • You will get more flexible body:china yoga dance weights female posture Improving the body flexibility is the major benefit of plan exercise and it does so by giving strength to your shoulders, scapula and collar bones. Plans also develop your biceps and hips muscles and make your feet and toes more flexible. 
  • It boosts your mood:Image result for good mood Planking exercise affects your nervous system is the most healthy way. Plans stretch and relax muscles by this way it activates your nervous system as well. So, by performing plank you will get improved and boosted mood and it will help you in overcoming stress and anxiety as well.
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