Thursday, 1 March 2018

What your eyes tell about your health?

 The common myth that your eyes are the window to your soul, i doesn't,t know who has said this, but this is ultimately true as your eyes tell a lot about your inner body and health. Here are the eight things that your eyes tell about your health.

  1. Sty on your eyesImage result for stye on eyeThis is like a pimple on your eye, this is due to a blocked sebaceous gland and the pimple on your eye will disappear within three to four days. However, in some cases, it may persist in your eyes for a longer time as well. The main symptoms that are associated with the eye sty are a pain, sensitivity to light, watering in eyes, swollen eyelids and discomfort while blinking. The best advice can be given by your Doctor and remember that never squeeze your eye sty.
  2. Eyebrow lossImage result for eyebrow lossThe symptoms may appear on your one eye or both of them and its most common causes are aging, stress, deficiency of nutrients, skin disorders or an infection. This condition also reflects that your thyroid gland is secreting less of its secretions.
  3. Burning of eyesImage result for burning of eyesThis is the condition that your eyes develop due to prolong computer, laptop, video game use. More use of these items will strain your eyes and so will cause burning of eyes. In rare cases burning of eyes will also reflect that you are more prone to a stroke or have a possible migraine attack in short time.
  4. Blind spot:Image result for spot blindness This is indicating that in a short time you will face a migraine or headache attack. To know about the exact causes of spot blind, better to consult your Doctor.
  5. Bulging eyesImage result for bulging eyesIts main symptoms are the pain in eyes, whiteness between your iris and eyelids, difficulty in closing your eyes and dryness of eyes. These are the typical signs that your thyroid gland is overactive and you should consult your doctor for its cure.
  6. Yellow in your eyes:Image result for yellow eyes This is the typical indication that your liver is malfunctioned. This may also indicate some issues in your bile duct or Gallballder. Do not ignore this condition and consult your doctor for the right cause and solution.
  7. Cloudy vision:Image result for cloudy vision This condition is commonly associated with diabetes, This is the indication of diabetes retinopathy, a status where your retina is being effected in a bad way by high sugar levels. The common symptoms that are associated with cloudy vision are fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, and weakness. 
  8.  Impaired Vision:Image result for impaired vision If you are facing the issue of impaired vision, this may indicate that you have the risk of getting a stroke. 
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