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Three steps to lose fat of belly in one week at home.

Belly fat is common, everyone has this but if the proportion of belly fat is more then you will face multiple health challenges. In addition, this will affect your look in a negative way as well. You have two types of fat within your body.
  • One type of your body fat is beneath your skin.
  • The second type of fat is that that surrounds your vital organs like heart, lungs, liver and other internal organs.
The fact that is located around your vital organs is called visceral fat and is a most prominent health issue, to lose these belly fat you need regular exercise, a healthy diet plan and some very positive moves in your lifestyle habits. 
However, if you are determined and committed you can make some very obvious changes in your lifestyle you can see some very obvious changes in one week as well. Here are the tips that will help you for the most of belly fat in one week.


  • Eat food that promotes belly fat loss: The first and very vital step for the loss of belly fat is to eat the right type of fat, these are the monounsaturated fat and this very helpful for the loss of belly fat. Studies have confirmed that eating the right type of fat will reduce your belly fat up 20% more than saturated fat. In addition, you will get additional health benefits of monounsaturated fat as well, these you will be in better position to manage your blood pressure, will improve the function of your blood vessels and also you will get better control over your diabetes as well. 
  • Eat lean protein: This fuel your belly fat aim and will also help you to keep you filled for the whole day. For this, you have to make it sure that you eat lean protein within your every major meal. What you are in need is the 21- 28 Gm of lean protein on daily basis. But you have to make it sure that you remain within your caloric limits. 
  • Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables: These are rich in nutrition and are low in calories. When you have three major meals a day, you have to make it sure that half of your meal portion is of fresh fruits and vegetables. As for belly fat loss, you are in need of food that is low in calories and high in fiber and other nutrition, fruits and vegetables are the best options for the same. 
  • Eat Whole foods: This category of food is ideal for the loss of belly fat. whole grains contain fibers, which is the ultimate solution for the loss of belly fat in a healthy way. In addition to fibers, whole grains are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, that will give you additional health benefits for weight loss and your health. 
  • Drink more adequate amount of water: This will keep you fully hydrated and will keep you fuller for longer period of time. So water is a great option for you for the loss of belly fat. The recommended amount of water is from 08 glasses to 13 glasses per day. 
  • Cut back on sugar and refined white flour as studies have confirmed that refined carbs are the major culprits behind your belly fat/ visceral fat. So, you have to cut back on refined carbs, packed fruit juices, and soda drinks to lose your belly fat in one week.
  • Cut back on Alcohol: Alcohol increases the fat content within your body especially at the midsection of your body. It does so by lowering your metabolism, which is the body natural ability to burn calories and lose fat. 
  • Avoid saturated fat: To lose your unwanted fat within your body you have to cut back on the fat, that results in fat accumulation within your body. 
  • Do regular exercise for five days a week and this will help you for your belly fat loss aim. High-intensity interval workouts are more effective for the loss of fat than simple cardio. This is because you burn more calories than traditional cardio by this type of exercises. 
  • Do the cardio exercise for 30 minutes per day for five days a week: Cardio exercises like running, walking, jogging and swimming are the category of exercise that you will be in need to lose your body fat. Cardio will give you two major benefits that will help you in the loss of belly fat. One is that it reduces your stress levels and second is that cardio exercise burns calories.
  • Increase your daily activities level: This is the habits that you have to opt for moving your body more like use stairs instead of elevators, park your cark away from your working areas so that you can move more by foot, walk or move around while talking on cell phone and a lot more.

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