Monday, 12 March 2018

The simple Tricks that enables Dominique to lose half of her body weight.

 This is the real story of Dominique having a weight of over 20 stones and she was being able to lose almost half of her body weight by applying the just two simple technique. Her success has left multiple lessons for those aiming for fitness and weight loss and a lot can be learned from her story of transformation.
What she does not she felt that something has to be changed very seriously about her weight and aimed for the same. The time she started her efforts for weight loss she was weighing more than 20 stones and her clothes size was XXL. 

 What was the turning point for Dominique as the day on a beach when the tide began to rise and all the people have to move fast for their safety? Although she also managed her safety but being very heavy she finds it very hard and challenging. People around her want to help her for her escape but being very heavy they were unable to help her in a way, that should be. 
 What had resulted in the weight of Dominique was her overeating and her limits of calories exceed the healthy limits of 5000 calories a day. In addition, her portion size of eating was far beyond the size of a healthy eating. In addition, the selection of food have the same health issues, she was much found in junk food and soda drinks.
 After the beach incident, she was going on the long walks for building her stamina. She was of the view that first, she will build her stamina by the long walking and then will go for running and jogging.
  • The continuity of the long walks has started shown his results. 
  • The second trick that Dominique apply for her weight loss was that she quit the sugary drinks and fatty takeaways. 

She always advises others as well to try for their weight loss, there will be pros and cons in the way, but one should keep his eyes on the overall aim of the weight loss journey and does not get disappointed by the temporary setbacks.

Only continuous efforts, no matter how simple they are, if followed with persistence will show results.

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