Sunday, 18 March 2018

What your color of Lips says about your health?

We all have multiple colors of our health. In addition, to the color of our body, this is indicating something additional about your health as well. This indication is pointing out about what is happening inside your body and what you can do to correct them. What i want to say that your mouth is the door to your health.

Today, i am here to talk about the same that what your lips say about your health. Below are the most vital points of today talk.

  • Dry and Chapped lips are the indication of dehydration, allergies and in some cases, it is indicating that you are in prediabetic stage or having diabetes. 
  • If you have pale lips or whitey grey, this is the major indication that you are suffering from iron deficiency Anemia so you have to opt for the foods that are rich in iron. Top options for you in food are broccoli, red meat, and red dates. A side by side indication with pale is cool hands and feet, this is pointing out to something in your stomach and it is possible that your gut is too cool. 
  • Super Red lips: Bright red lips are commonly associated with bad breath and more desire for snack foods. This is the major indication that your body has the normal temperature and your liver and spleen are overloaded. If this is so, then good options for you is to eat bitter melon, celery and honey to make your body cool down and so that your liver and spleen can balance their work. It is also advisable in this case that you must avoid and manage stress and have to live happily. 
  • Purple Green lips: This is most prevalent in the winter season and is a common indication pointing out to your heart. Or it is possible that you have some health issue with your respiratory system. In this case, you have to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and cure.
  • Black lips/ Dark red: This is the major indication that your digestive system is not working properly and you have to cure the issues related to your digestion. The most vital tip for managing these type of indication is to eat raw and natural food as they are easy to digest and have high fiber contents as well, that will help in avoiding and cure of constipation. In addition, you have to avoid the processed and junk food that is affecting your gut in a bad way. 
  • Lip Online: Its color is commonly Purple black and its easy cure is to eat well, relax and have proper sleep. 

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