Tuesday, 3 April 2018

What will happens if you consume one tablespoon of Coconut oil daily?

 Coconut oil has the proven health and fitness benefits and all are documented and proven by multiple data. 
However one recent research has discovered additional amazing health benefits of Coconut oil and that is it regulates the action of thyroid and is the best natural cure for the underactive thyroid gland, a condition called as Hypothyroidism.

In this condition of low thyroid activity, the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormone that allows the body to function properly. 

  • A fatty acid that is present in the Coconut oil, The Lauric Acid, having the potent anti-inflammatory properties. That is it cure the redness, swelling, and pain within the body and same is for thyroid gland as well. Additionally, the lauric Acid boosts your metabolism and convert fat into energy. By this, way you get the extra energy and it helps in coping with tiredness and fatigue as well.
  • The second Potent ingredient is the Capric Acid, which has the action against microbes and has antiviral activity as well. This ensures that your body is free from germ infection and is a good prophylaxis against the infections as well.
  • For the best of your health benefits, you have to ensure that you should use the extra virgin coconut oil. 
  • One tablespoon of extra- virgin coconut oil should be consumed daily, either it should be added to a cup of Tea or Coffee or may be used with salad and desserts.
  • The boost in metabolism also results in a caloric loss that helps in weight loss and fitness aims.
  • In the case of lower secretion of thyroid gland the body functions and affected and same is for digestive tract as well. This results in bloating and constipation. Coconut oil acts as the natural laxative and works best as the natural laxative for the cure and prevention of Constipation.
  • Coconut oil repair hair follicle, the spot from where the hair arises and helps in prevention of hair loss associated with lower thyroid activity.
  • Coconut oil is the good solution for dry skin as well, just simply apply the coconut oil to your skin and that is all.

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